Sending Notifications
Describes how notifications can be sent out by a dApp, service or a smart contract by interacting with our protocol.

Who can send Notifications?

As per the current architecture of the Communicator protocol, there can be 3 main actors who can send notifications:
1. Channel Maintainers: It goes without saying, that the owners of a particular channel can definitely send notifications to their subscribers (users who gaslessly opted in to receive notifs).
2. Delegatee Notification Senders: This is a new feature that allows any address to send notifications on behalf of a channel, to its subscribers. The delegatee notification sender needs to be added by the channel maintainers and can be removed anytime by the channel maintainers as well.
3. Sending notification to yourself: Yes, the EPNS Communicator allows any address to send notifications to themselves 😃. It’s important to note, however, that the address sends the notification to themselves only. In other words, any address can trigger a notification provided that the recipient of the notification is the caller himself/herself.

What exactly are Delegated Notifications?

Delegated notifications is a feature that allows channel owners to delegate their power of sending notifications to any wallet address or multiple addresses of their choice.
This mechanism of sending delegated notifications is quite effective in providing value-added services to the channels. It also ensures the availability of mechanisms that can be used by EPNS or any other third-party infrastructure to send on-chain notifications on the channel’s behalf.
In order to enable the channel owner to validate a particular address to send notifications on the channel’s behalf, there are 2 specific functions called addDelegate() & removeDelegate() in the Communicator protocol itself.
The channel owner can trigger the above-mentioned functions to either allow or remove an address as a valid notification sender. Once allowed, the specific address(es) can also send a notification to the subscribers on behalf of the channel.
Adding a delegatee notification sender doesn't remove the ability of channel maintainer to send notifications, they can keep on sending notifications as well as the delegatee notification sender which will always be shown as coming from the same channel.

Ways to send Notifs?